Private Motor Insurance Refund 2020

In recent months, the number of vehicles on our nation’s roads has dropped significantly, as a direct result of the Covid-19 restrictions. Given the significant decrease in road traffic in 2020, it can be assumed that there will be fewer motor insurance claims for this year.

Many Insurance companies in Ireland and the UK are taking steps to offer some sort of private motor insurance refund or compensation to acknowledge this fall in claims. Below is a list of measures being taken by large Insurance companies, as of 11/05/20. Keeping reading to see if you are eligible for any of these private motor insurance refunds. 


Zurich has advised that they will provide a €40 relief payment for every vehicle they insure under both private and light commercial vehicle policies. This will most likely be in the form of gift cards ( One-For-All Vouchers), and will be issued from the end of May onward. These will be posted directly from Zurich to the customer, and brokers will not be involved in the transaction. 


FBD will provide similar relief in the form of a €35 One-For-All Gift Voucher for all standard Private Car, Van, and Jeep policies. Again, these gift cards will be distributed by FBD directly to their customers. 

Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance will be providing each motor insurance customer (car, van, taxi- excludes fleets) with a cash equivalent voucher of 15% of their premium from two months. This is subject to a minimum amount of €10. There are two options here; you may take the cash equivalent voucher ( eg One-For-All Voucher) or alternatively request that Liberty donate your refund to a charity working with those worst affected by COVID-19. Customers will be required to request the rebate on the company website, from June 8th onward. 


Allianz has outlined its plan to refund €30 to each private car, taxi and van policyholder. They have underlined that customers will not need to do anything in order to receive this rebate. It is not yet clear how this refund will be distributed yet. 


RSA is offering a €30 premium return in the form of a One4All gift voucher to all private motor and van insurance customers. These vouchers will be sent directly to customers with a private motor or van policy in effect on March 31st.


Axa will also be providing some form of a refund to private motor policyholders, with values of up to €30. They have not yet outlined the logistics of this refund and will provide further details in the coming weeks. 

This listing will change as we receive more information from insurers but, at the present date, this is the only insurers we have clear guidelines on. Some companies are still ironing out the details and logistics of their private motor insurance refund strategy and will be releasing these in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and hopefully, there will be a refund on its way to you soon! 

We hope that this answers any questions you might have relating to your motor insurance, but if you’re still in doubt call our Galway office on 091-563518 or contact us via our live chat on our website.

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