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Since AirBnB originated in 2008, it has grown significantly and now it is estimated to have 2 million AirBnB hosts. 11,000 of which are here in Ireland. As brokers we know that insurers don’t like insuring homes with full or partial lettings. But if you don’t disclose this information to insurers, and a claim occurs, you will not be covered. It is so important to have the appropriate cover for your home, disclosing all relevant facts about your property in order to be fully covered.

Using our market knowledge and experience we have come up with a  solution to the problem of AirBnB hosts obtaining the correct insurance covers. By contacting us you’ll have access to a  policy specifically for AirBnB hosts which is designed to ensure they have the appropriate cover for their property.

Who is this for?

This product is only available to AirBnB hosts who let their property through the AirBnB facility.

Insurers Acceptance Criteria (Some)

Property must be let via the AirBnB website ONLY

The property MUST be owned by the proposer, it can either be the proposer’s principal private residence, holiday home or investment property

Key Policy Features
Usual covers provided by most home insurances.
Policy excess start from as low as €250
Accidental damage can be included on Principal Private Residences (not holiday homes or let properties)
Public liability cover extends to include liability of tenants
Policy will note that you are an AirBnB host and insurer is ok with this.
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