Stephanie Burke - Burke Insurances Ltd

Previous Losses/Claims

The proposer, or any partner or director of the proposer has not suffered any losses, whether insured or not by any of the perils to be insured by the policy within the last 4 years other than one property claim where the amount paid in settlement did not exceed €5,000.

The Premises:

  • Is not in an area which has been or is likely to be subject to flooding and /or subsidence
  • Is in good state of repair and will be so maintained
  • Is heated by fixed oil, electrical storage heaters, or gas installation or liquid petroleum gas located and secured in accordance with current standards
  • The premises is of standard construction defined as buildings being built mainly of brick, stone, concrete and roofed with slates, non-combustible tiles, concrete, asphalt, metal or sheets or slabs composed entirely of non-combustible material ingredients, excluding timber framed construction
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