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We have almost half a century of placing and dealing with clients that require Liability Insurance. Our client’s range from Carpentry Contractors to Builders to Medical Device Companies – the range of occupations is vast. In this area, having access to markets is vital and in placing this type business we use both local and London markets to source the best covers and deals for our clients.

The advantage of dealing with us for this type of insurance is that you can access very wide markets and have the benefit of dealing with a committed team that have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver on quality service as well as price.

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Forms in this area can be lengthy so we suggest that if you’d like a quote the best and quickest thing for you to do is to call us – we’ll ask you what we need and revert to you with our proposals/quotes.

For the quickest turnaround on a quote, it’s best to complete the online form shown in link above.  Here we gather the information concisely and can turn around a quote in a matter of hours.  For the simple commoditised Public Liability Only quotes, we recommend that you go to 

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